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  • The first step is to find a place to make a shop. We recommend making your shop in the shop world since your shop will be easier to find but you can still make shops in your base.
  • Now you need an item to create shops. Go to /wisecraft shop and find the admin shop. They'll sell you an item called shop creator which is consumed after creating a shop.

Admin shop

  • Right-click with the shop creator into the air until you've selected "Trading shop".

Then place a chest and right-click it with the shop creator,

now just right-click where ever you want the villager to be.

  • A villager should pop up but with no trades. Shift+right-click on them to open the shop editor.

The first row will be whatever you sell and the 2 rows below will be the payment. You can right-click on the item in the editor (without an item hand) to increase the amount and left-click to decrease.


That's it! You should now have trades. Remember to stock up on items to sell!