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Wisecraft's survival is designed to be a non-competitive casual game that aims to be a friendly place for all players of all ages!

  1. You're free to make automated farms but don't overdo it.
    Also, use best practices to reduce lag. Incorporate them into your builds if you can!
  2. Act ethically and with respect.
    Kindness goes a long way.
  3. Do not use pvp, exploit, or any other mods that would be considered damaging to the server or others' experience; only use mods in the allowed mods list.
  4. Do not speak anything but English on Wisecraft
    You're free to use any language in DMS outside Wisecraft and in voice chats.
  5. Do not intentionally cause lag, duplicate inventories or items, or use harmful scripts and macros.
    * Using auto clicker/macro in farms if there's no other way to automate it is fine but DON'T use it if there's an alternative. e.g. like with killing mobs
    * TNT dupers are allowed!
  6. Do not promote or advertise!
    You can talk about other servers but do not turn it into a sales pitch!
    And for content creators. Use #promote-yourself in Discord for your videos/streams
  7. Don't move too close to your neighbors!
    Make sure to talk to them to avoid moving too close for comfort or on their expansion path.
  8. Alt accounts are prohibited
    The only exception is staff having a staff-only account to keep their survival experience separated from staff duties.
  9. Use common sense!
    Staff members can punish anyone for anything if they find it necessary. Talk to a higher-up if you have an issue with a staff member like abuse!