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General_Zimmer System-administrator Member
Registered:about 1 year ago
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We've now pushed out a new crop harvesting feature! You'll be able to right-click crops with your hand and harvest them more easily, hoes work as well! With the addition of unbreaking and fortune working with the crops.


Some hoes have a larger harvesting radius, iron and diamond has a 3x3 and netherrite has a 5x5.

New crop harvesting feature! 8 months ago

Hey everyone!


We've added more achievements, removed some, and changed the layout. A new role, Noble, has also been added! This role is meant to indicate you've gotten to the late game and has a substantially bigger base than a Citizen. Please checkout #change-log for more information!



New role and changes to Achievements! about 1 year ago

The website and forum are now ready! Rules still need to be rewritten and many more things need to be added to the wiki but this will come as needed!

Website is now fully functional and ready for use! about 1 year ago

It's still being set up and having some issues fixed. Please wait until it's all done!

Welcome to Wisecraft's new website! about 1 year ago